Employees are the Group's most important assets. Through the implementation of incentive systems and performance appraisals, we encourage continued self-enhancements and personal career advancements in our employees. We provide competitive remuneration to all employees to boost their morale and enhance our operational performance.


Year 2023 outstanding businessman is an award that represents a company's excellent brand and gives the highest recognition and honor to a company's image. Outstanding operators in the industrial and commercial circles regard receiving this award as the highest honor.

Company`s Benefits​​

To promote work-life balance for employees, pro powerr establishes a comprehensive employee care network that allows all employees to achieve career advancements while working。

2023 Taiwan International Fastener exhibition

Fastener Taiwan is the ONLY international B2B fastener exhibition in Taiwan. Serving as a trading platform for sourcing and procurement, Fastener Taiwan features a complete range of fastener products. To better illustrate Taiwan's image of “the Kingdom of Screws”, the show also presents a highly integrated supply chain of Taiwan's fastener industry.

ADD:No. 1-22, Silin Rd., Yanchao Dist.,

Kaohsiung City 824006, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL:(+886)7 616-5811
FAX:(+886)7 616-6087

Company Address

No. 1-22, Silin Rd., Yanchao Dist.,

Kaohsiung City, 824, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: (+886)7 616 5811

Fax: (+886)7 616 6087

Factory Address

No. 1-3, Ln. 439, Anzhao Rd., Yanchao Dist.,

Kaohsiung City, 820, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

No. 28, Lane 7, Dabuer St., Gangshan Dist.,

Kaohsiung City, 820, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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